Telemarketing of Heroic Standards

Heroes of Telemark was established as telemarketing agency for B2B clients. Heroes_of_Telemark_telesales_telemarketingBased in Bishops’ Stortford, Hertfordshire we focussed on lead generation, call handling and market research. A wide range of clients included IT and technology companies (Servo Computer Services, Keyence, CDI Technologies), insurance (The Source, Mobile Doctors), public sector (Bedfordshire County Council, The Labour Party) and telecoms (Advanced Telecom Services, NextCall).

As the business expanded and more staff were taken on, I developed a methodology for training new recruits. It involved focussing on the structure of an effective call and providing them with a mental map to keep them on track. It avoided scripting or aggressive, pushy calling approaches and ensured we were effective in delivering to our clients’ expectations.

NextCall were so impressed with our service levels that they bought the company.

Telemarketing Telesales Inside-Sales

marketing_consultancy_chris_coyne_consultingSimultaneously, I acted as a freelance marketing consultant via ChrisCOYNEConsulting for a number of clients such as Jeenay (child car safety seats), @mraf (IT Training) and Acrokool (refrigeration).


About the author: Chris

A customer experience, sales and marketing consultant with broad experience of multiple markets and board-level job functions. His mission is to help clients to profit from delivering better customer experiences. He impacts on business performance in terms of sales improvement, marketing outsourcing and telemarketing/customer service transformations. Typically this is achieved through audits, consultancy, training and programme delivery.