7Cs of Customer Communication for Effective Customer Service, Customer Success and Inside Sales teams

The 7Cs of Customer Communication addresses the fact that communication in the workplace changes rapidly. It has done, it is doing, it’ll continue to do so. What’s more, we all need to adapt to these changes to remain effective.

It’s all too easy get ‘lazy’ and treat your customers and colleagues like you do your mates when the means of communication are the same. The risks vary from using over-familiarity, abbreviation and jargon, to seeming downright rude.

If you’re looking to get things done in a hurry (and aren’t we all?), then it’s worth pausing for a second to consider the impact to the recipient of your communication techniques.

For any business communication, in order to be effective, it should display seven qualities. These attributes are called the seven C’s of effective business communication and there are several versions of this available, mainly centred on emails and intra-company meetings. For the front-line staff in customer service or telesales, I’ve adapted it, to focus more on effective customer communication via the telephone.

In our sales, success and service roles, we spend most of our days communicating. So, how can we ensure we do it effectively and efficiently? A message is considered to be effective when the recipient derives the same meaning that the sender intended.

7Cs of Customer Communication

seven 7Cs of customer communication
7Cs of Customer Communication: Think Customer!

In no particular order, to achieve effectiveness, telephone communication should be:

  • Calm
  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Correct
  • Confident
  • Courteous
  • Controlled

To be effective, you really need to build the habit to use all seven of these, one or two alone just won’t cut it. That’s why the sequence is unimportant.

The infographic below puts some meat on the bones. The 7 Cs of Customer Communication are covered in more detail in the Coyne Sales and Marketing training courses for inside sales and service teams, but I thought it worth sharing through the blog. Let me know if you agree!

seven 7cs of customer communication for effective telesales, telemarketing, customer service, customer success
7Cs of Customer Communication Infographic

About the author: Chris

A customer experience, sales and marketing consultant with broad experience of multiple markets and board-level job functions. His mission is to help clients to profit from delivering better customer experiences. He impacts on business performance in terms of sales improvement, marketing outsourcing and telemarketing/customer service transformations. Typically this is achieved through audits, consultancy, training and programme delivery.