7 Actions for SMEs in Developing a Winning Customer Strategy

An effective and winning customer strategy will cut across the traditional, functional silos of most companies. It will form a central part of the marketing, sales, customer service and CRM functions, plus any others that come into direct contact with the most important people in any business, the customers. In developing a customer strategy, you’ll […]

An explosion in customer engagement through social media need not cause a headache

As customer engagement through social media becomes the norm in customer service, logistical issues of handling volumes of conversations can become a challenge. This is especially true if it builds quickly. The immediacy of social media and the customer service expectations of many markets create a demand for ‘instant response’ as the required standard of customer engagement. […]

Target Market Persona: Paint Some Personality Into It

The target market persona is a fundamental building block of modern marketing. Is marketing a science or an art? A bit of both if you’re doing it properly, according to my experience and most writers. (See Brand Quarterly for a good exposition) Nowhere is this more evident than in considering the fundamental marketing challenge of […]