7 Steps of a Buyer Facilitation Telesales Call

7 steps, buyer facilitation, telesales, telemarketing
7 Steps of A Buyer Facilitation Telesales Call

7 steps of a buyer facilitation telesales call are a brief guide to an effective training programme, which I deliver. It’s applicable to any organisation from a large contact centre to a SOHO consultant. It’s not just about getting orders, either. This approach is equally relevant for setting appointments or progressing opportunities by phone. It applies also to inbound calls as well as outbound, with some minor modifications. Telesales calls sometimes seem daunting if you haven’t made many before, irrespective of your experience levels.

Once you’ve decided to make a call and have established contact, it can be remarkably easy to get pulled off course. You may feel powerless to reach your objective. That’s why it’s important to have a structure to apply to every call made or received. Only then will you know if you’re on-track.

Nowadays, customers like to research before buying more than ever. Therefore, my approach has been designed for inbound telesales calls as much as outbound. It’s also why it’s about ‘buyer facilitation’ rather than a hard sell.

Follow the 7 steps process and you’ll have a solid roadmap for every call, know what to do at each stage and help your prospects to become customers in a way that supports them and instils confidence in you.

During any training programme, bespoke references will illustrate to delegates how to make each point relevant to their own business.

So, let’s now look at the 7 steps of any good telesales call.

7 steps, buyer facilitation, telesales, telemarketing
Buyer Facilitation is at the Centre of the 7 Steps Telesales Call




Firstly, you must know everything the customer could want know about your business and more. Obviously, you need to know your products/services, website, advertising, collateral etc. Perhaps less obvious is that you should try to understand all the different customer personas you’re likely to speak with. Lastly be sure to know what your objective for each call is and visualise getting there.



For outbound, this is the most difficult and important part of any telesales call. You need a structured, concise and value-added introduction. For inbound, it’s easier but still important to create an appropriate and business-like introduction. Introductions should be benefit-laden, quick and take you seamlessly onto the next of your 7 steps.



This is the listening bit. It’s a curious observation that people will trust you more and believe what you say more if they are allowed to talk. Somehow, engaging the prospect in a meaningful discussion gives them the confidence to let you proceed.



Try to use what’s been learned so far on the call to turn the discussion around to a business proposal. You want to head towards a sale at this point (or appointment). This is where you explain how your products/services can help your client and add value to their lives.



Instead of adopting the more confrontational style of ‘handling objections’, I always teach telesales staff to encourage their prospects to ask questions. The prospect is more likely to become a buyer if what you’re offering is fully understood. It’s a fundamental difference between buyer facilitation and old-fashioned telesales methods.



Don’t ask; don’t get. You should have a number of strategies available to hand to make the final conversion of interest into commitment. Buyer facilitation is less about ‘closing techniques’ and more to do with guiding the purchase decision.



Lastly, the seventh of your 7 steps occur after the call has finished. This is about consolidating the sale (if made) and getting ready for the next call. Swift reflection is never a bad thing at this point, either. List the things you need to do, whatever the outcome and use as a prompt for future actions.


This article offers a brief introduction to the 7 steps of a buyer facilitation telesales call. If you want to find out more, there’s an eBook available to explain more here, give me a call on +44(0)7508 164333 or contact me via my website.

telesales, telemarketing, 7 steps, buyer facilitation
Telesales or Telemarketing Calls Made Simpler Through Buyer Facilitation and 7 Steps

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