Build Your Empire  - The Workshops & Networking


10.10am - 10.40am Matthew James Publishing

If you are writing a book the dream is to find a publisher.

So what does a publisher look for? How do you present your work? What will make to stand out among the crowd? 

James Shaw is coming to answer your questions and give you hints and tips about the best way to go about finding a publisher.  


Clair Trebes 11.00am - 11.20am

Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking outside the box is a rather literal phrase in the printing world. The more inventive the idea, the better! It’s all about standing out from the crowd.

Let’s take your average day at work, no matter what industry you are in there is one thing that many of us have in common - our need for a constant caffeine fix at our desks. (Oh and if you are not one of those people then please feel free to tell me your secret!)

So, what does that have to do with printing? Well, why not offer your regular customers a free branded coaster. It will be in the eyes of your existing customers everyday and potentially their customers too!

What about your business card? Well I’m pretty sure 99% of you will have a mobile phone on you today. Try making your business cards portrait and they will fit neatly in a phone case. Be the first business in their mind when they pick up the phone! Staying one step ahead of your competition means getting creative and on that note I will leave you with one of my favorite and very fitting quotes ”I don’t think outside the box, I think what I can do with the box”.


11.30am - 12.10pm NETWORKING

Now for something rather different


12.30 - 1.00pm Chris Coyne

Don't Sell Yourself Short!

Chris Coyne is a Director of Coyne Sales and Marketing Ltd. His career has been sales and marketing focussed for over 30 years. With board-level positions in sales, marketing and CRM, Chris has sold consumer goods, business to business services and healthcare technology.

His sales experience includes business and account development in the UK and worldwide. Having worked for major international corporates and SMEs, he is able to bring the benefits of blue-chip training to smaller businesses.Chris has built and then sold a call centre business, to one of its clients. He has over 5 years’ experience as a freelance consultant and trainer.


1.20pm- 1.50pm Mark Sean Elliott 

Facebook Ads

Why and how to place ADS not Boosts

Mark is a qualified Marketer with over 20 years commercial experience in blue chip organisations (BT, P&H, EDF). He heads up Sparks4Growth Ltd. who specialise in Digital Marketing strategy and solutions for Small to Medium sized businesses. He thrives on meeting business owners, listening to their objectives and then through careful pragmatic analysis unlocking new seams of valuable business. “Marketing must be measurable to be effective and accountable” is Mark’s view “for your business to succeed you need to be right there with your solution when a customer searches it out”. As well as Consulting he trains SMEs on Effective Use of Facebook and has authored a book on Email Marketing For Success.


2.10pm - 2.40pm Claire Evans

Followed by Jeff Spires Equilibrium

'How well is your business?' 

 As business owners, senior managers & team leaders, how often do you create business goals and strategies that neglect to consider the impact of wellbeing on your staff? 

Do you even understand what constitutes wellbeing? Or the costs to your business when it’s overlooked?

Statistically, if you have a workforce of at least 4 people, you’ll most likely have experienced the opposite of wellbeing e.g: staff absence; presenteeism, anxiety & panic; bullying; harassment; addiction etc

In fairness, employers don’t often know how to help and you may feel powerless to initiate practical support.

‘How well is your business’ is a workshop that will enable you to bring wellbeing to your work environment using practical tools and open discussions to enable a better understanding of mental & emotional health.

Claire Evans is a Mindfulness & Neuro Development Specialist, the Founder of The Centre of Wellbeing and Managing Director of creative project: ‘Rethink Your Mind’


2.40pm - 2.55 Jeff Spires



3.10 - 4.00 pm NETWORKING 

Now for something rather different.